Coconut Fibre Scourer Sponge 3pk

$5.99 inc. GST.

Wowsa! This pack is for eco-friendly cleaners just like you! Our Simply Clean Coconut Fibre Scourer Sponge is made from natural and recycled fibres making it kind to the environment. The non-scratch scourer is made from renewable and natural raw materials. The sponge is made from Spontex® European cellulose. The scouring pad cuts through messes and the sponge wipes and absorbs.

Directions for use: Rinse thoroughly before and after each use.

Storage: Do not store wet. Rinse well after use to allow to dry.

Caution: Test on an inconspicuous area before use to ensure it does not scratch the surface. Do not use to clean aquariums. Do not use with chlorine or bleach solutions. And please do not place in the washing machine or dishwasher

Simply Beautifully Clean.


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